The Best of Intentions

We’re all just trying to figure things out the best we can, aren’t we? Maybe we can figure things out together.

Here’s what I tend to write about:

  • My creative process
  • Art and literature, sometimes in the abstract, sometimes in the form of a review
  • Being a parent
  • Politics and organizing
  • Thoughts on podcasting and interviewing
  • The experience of being a human being

I also sometimes include updates about my writing, my visual art, or my podcasts. Most Fridays I post a round-up of things I’ve read, watched, and listened to that mattered to me.

About Me

My name is Mike Sakasegawa. I’m a writer, photographer, podcaster, and occasional book artist. I’m always tired. I like to talk to creative people about their work, and sometimes I like to read stories out loud.

I'm on Twitter a lot, Instagram somewhat less. I think I may still have an Ello account, too, if that even exists anymore.